Creationist Friday!

Irma and I are proud to announce that this Friday we will be turning over our airwaves to a brand new show! It has been fun bringing you all the news in scifi, but due circumstances beyond our control we have decided to produce a new show that I am sure you are going to love just as much! It will be entitled Creationist Friday! So please tune in and listen! Topics will include:

– A frank discussion on why evolution is wrong
– Songs of praise
– We read out a list of scientist conspiring to turn theory into truth
– 2 minute rage on Darwin
– We begin the campaign to bring back Charmed and Touched By An Angel
– We discuss the anticipated glory that will be Narnia 2!
– More songs of praise!

I hope you all tune in, and learn about the true folly of evolutionary theory. After all, a theory is just a theory and is not the truth.