Some Clarifications

I was just talking with one of the publicity heads from Sakuracon, and according to them, they are “well aware” of all the problems in terms of crowd size that has caused a bit of reaction so far through out blog land. Apparently they had no idea cosplay chess as an event was going to be so popular, and programming is going to be examining this issue. In other words, yes they know and are all over it like a fat kid on a Twix PB bar.

The cops also did not just all of a sudden show up and start the martial law that I made a wise crack about in my post about day 2. For those of you who don’t know, they have police on hand as they are required to, they just keep them out of the way until they are needed. I know that seems surprising and shocking, but that is how it works when you got insurance and fire codes to consider. All kidding aside, it still does cause a bit of wonder and wild rumor when the boys and girls in blue start directing the traffic and not the usual conventions staff. Perhaps they should have got Funimation to project the first slide of their powerpoint presentation up on the big screen along with a holographic image of Arthur Dent urging “Don’t Panic.” After all, with all the “crisis” and “no shows” and “lockdown” being brought into the convention lexicon, it would have continued the thematics that they started in the first panel I attended on Friday morning.

In regards to Viz Comics, they were never meant to be there, which should come as no surprise. They don’t seem to be the convention types, which is unfortunate because it would have been a great opportunity to talk with them face to face about their goodies. According to the publicity, they were penciled in, had declined, but the schedule unfortunately made it to press anyway. Viz however, is none too pleased because now it makes them look like they wussed out when they didn’t. Still, fans and press want to talk to them, and when all is said and done, not much of that has changed.