Superman: Siegel Family Has Been Awarded Rights to Character

by Irma Arkus

Jerome Siegel’s heirs have been awarded partial rights to Superman.

Jerome sold his share of Superman’s creation to his co-author Joe Schuster over 70 years ago. Now that the Siegel family regained partial control of the copyright, Time Warner will have to pay part of their proceeds of franchise to the family, which according to some experts, may deter some of planned sequels to 2006 big screen revival.

Meanwhile, /film announced that there is plan to get Superman vs. Spiderman, as Siegel signed a contract with Marvel. Strangely, co-directors are both Sam Raimi and Brian Singer. Jake Gyllenhaal is contracted for role of Spiderman, which Toby McGuire respectfully declined this time around.

Still no word on who will be the next Superman. One thing is for sure, Brandon Routh is not reprising his role.