“Moonlight” About to be Cancelled?

by Irma Arkus

Although its premiere was disheartening, as Moonlight appeared to be just one of many shows concerning a private-eye with some mediocre set of supernatural powers, it quickly grew into an interesting show improving both its stories and complexity of characters.

With Alex O’Loughlin in role of St. Mick John, a self-loathing vampire who, naturally, uses his vampiric superpowers to help humanity and incidentally falls in love; and Sophia Myles as Beth Turner, a nosy, beautiful journalist who shares both history and affection with St. John. Both new-comers to North American TV-land, O’Loughlin and Turner provide the much needed fresh faces. Between battling evil forces, saving people and solving cases, the two also exchange lustful glances.

Not exactly an original, Moonlight provides its audience with both the worst and best of cliches. At the same time, all this is forgivable due to the one qualifier differentiating Moonlight from just about any other private-eye show – IT HAS VAMPIRES!

Since Buffy and Angel wrapped up we have been left a “hungry” audience. We thirst for a few more handsome vampires and werewolves.

This is why announcement regarding Moonlight’s dubious contract renewal by CBS has come as a shock to show’s fans. Since the writers strike has been unkind to many shows proving themselves weaker in ratings, Moonlight it seems, has been tethering on the cancellation rope. CBS recently announced that it may cancel the show, unless the last four episodes show high enough ratings for contract renewals. Premiering on Apr.25, the last four episodes will determine whether the show goes on, or…

This has, of course, prompted fans to action. This time, Save Moonlight campaign, has resulted in fans donating blood – a far more beneficial thing to do than sending endless amounts of peanuts to executive desks.