20th Century Boys Movie Teaser

It really has been a week of teasing. Venture Bros and now this. On the Official site for the upcoming movie trilogy, 20th Century Boys which is based on the brilliant manga by Naoki Kurusawa, a teaser trailer is up showing the Book of Prophecy and other things that really wets the appetite for part 1. The first part is due out in Japan on August 30th, and hopefully in North America ASAP! The manga is unlicensed, unlike the brilliant Monster, which Kurusawa also penned and drew, but can be found online in handy scanlations. Just check out Manga News to find yourself some copies of the manga as well as the sequel, 21st Century Boys. Both are everything you would want in complex suspense/thrillers that Kurusawa has really become a true master of. The official site also has a list of the actors involved as well as it pounds with the classic T. Rex song that many will recognize from the title.