The Hobbit Gets a Director

After last year’s resolution between Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema that officially kicked off the production that is going to be the Hobbit, Jackson has been looking for a director. The man behind the epic LOTR Trilogy has moved to producers chair, perhaps feeling the effects of the long haul that was putting together the three epic grandaddy monsters that were LOTR. Of course this lead to a bunch of irrational freak outs by those with interests in this kicking some ass, but fear not. We are officially in good hands. As announced in the LA Times , Slashdot , and many other news sources for that matter, the one and the only Guillermo Del Toro has been tapped to direct the Hobbit. If you don’t know who Del Toro is, he is the guy behind such films as Hellboy 1 and 2, as well as the recent dark fantasy masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth This is like tapping Robert J. Sawyer to write for your SciFi franchise that you happen to have kicking around. Awesome choice.