The Amazing Italian Spiderman!

by Irma Arkus

While Spiderman has been reincarnated in multiple cultures, none has turned out so delicious as the Italian Spiderman!

Made by Alrugo production house, a humble team of students who shot the short film in a single day, the Italian Spiderman melds Spaghetti Western, classic Bond movies and exploitation films, all mixed to produce a low-budget cacophony of ultra-hilarity and cool.

Who is Spiderman? Who is the Italian hero behind the mask? A plumper, older version of Peter Parker, donning a hefty moustache and a home-made spider t-shirt. He hesitates not from handling guns, spiders, and other arsenal when defeating his many enemies. His machismo oozes across the screen, as he fights the terror of snake-eyed luchadore, terrifying goblin, and the ladies…yes, the ladies.

Find Italian Spiderman premier here, and get some more of my new favorite hero here.