HiSciFi – Lauren Weinstein & Deep Packet Internet Wiretapping

This week we had Lauren Weinstein join us for a discussion on issues of Net Neutrality and Deep Packet Inspection – the latter being a subject of much debate as, if utilized by Internet access providers, is not only illegal (the law just hasn’t caught up with those guys yet) but deeply disturbing as it is akin to a kind of “data wiretapping.”

Weinstein is a columnist for Wired Magazine, co-founder of PFIR – People For Internet Responsibility, co-founder and moderator of the new NNSquad (Network Neutrality Squad) and the founder of the PRIVACY Forum, which he created in 1992. Weinstein has been involved with Internet and other technology issues for over 30 years, starting in the early 1970s at the first site on the ARPANET (proto-Internet) at UCLA.

I do encourage you to join as many Net Neutrality petitions as possible and get your neighbours and family to do it too. Do it. Keep on doing it. And you can translate that however you’d like.

HiSciFi – Lauren Weinstein & Deep Packet Internet Wiretapping