RE-MAKES: Capricorn One

by Irma Arkus

Recently announced re-make is that of Capricorn One, a thriller tied to moon-landing conspiracy theories set in 1978. In Capricorn One, the moon landing mission never takes place, instead being substituted for a much cheaper, televised special effects presentation.

Starring now defunct OJ Simpson, as well as Sam Waterston and Elliot Gould; and written and directed by Peter Hyams, Capricon One very much touched upon increasing mistrust between the governments and their citizens, especially since technological and arms race took political and national precedence in cold war climate.

Strangely enough, this thin plot resonates with today’s political climate at an even greater degree. War in Iraq, for example, looks to be an actual governmental conspiracy, one that could be easily turned into documentary… set in space, if that’s the way you prefer it. Why have OJ Simpson if Collin Powell is available?

Either way, Capricorn One was a thriller with a twist rivaling any Shyamalan film. The idea of a fake moon landing was so preposterous that it was embraced by generations of conspiracy theorists to come. Still to this day, there are those who have reconstructed the events of Apollo moon landing to fit the “fake landing” hypothesis.

Which begs another question – if remake of Capricorn One is to bring something new onto the table – is it going to be concerning itself with moon landing or are we actually going to take the conspiracy somewhere where conspiracy theorists haven’t gone yet?

The best part though is…the remake will be done by Peter Hyams himself. Ta da!