Spiderman 4 or No Spiderman 4?! Sam Raimi must decide….

by Irma Arkus

The latest and greatest news from world of Sam Raimi is his dubious relationship to Spiderman 4. That’s right, the fourth installment of a cinematic giant that raked in too much money to speak of, and then apparently spent most of it on computer engines generating grains of sand irrelevan to the storyline – this, by the way, being the main reason behind such upcoming gems as “The Mummy III.”

Sam Raimi has stated that directing three installments in the franchise would be his limit, a sentiment expressed by his star cast as well. Now, however, it seems that he is reconsidering that position and will base his decision on quality of incoming script written by James Vanderbilt.

Making of another Spiderman would potentially mean re-casting all actors involved, which would be at this point, a weird and unwelcome development. George Clooney anyone? That is, if Val Kilmer declines first.