Moonlight: Update on Cancellation

by Irma Arkus

CBS’s Moonlight, a vampire detective/romance drama has been cancelled, causing irate fans to unite in their effort to bring the show “back from the dead,” so to speak.

Cancellation of Moonlight, a show that was off to a rocky start only to end up in that “Bermuda Romance Triangle,” in which the protagonist played by Alex O’Loughlin is a vampire detective who is falling for a journalist, came as a bit of a shock. Mostly because despite the paper-thin plot, the characters were still likeable enough to capture attention of audience.

And they have. Alex O’Loughlin, a no-name face from Australia, was voted in one of those “sexy men” polls by TV Guide, meaning that women have been paying attention and watching the show.

But then we go back to the ratings, and CBS is attempting to get the numbers back, something that cannot be managed with ratings that Moonlight provides.

This does not deter the fans to picket the fences at CBS, and petition the network to resurrect the show. Unlike New Amsterdam, a show that I have, for some reason, immensely disliked, Moonlight actually grew on me, as I endedup liking it more than I expected.

An alternative is for a second network to house the show. SciFi Channel has been petitioned to look into whether they can adopt this stray. This may sound far fetched, but not entirely impossible.

Either way, we can all agree that there are too many detectives, and not enough vampires on the small screen.