Wolverine – updates

by Irma Arkus

A cinematic production dedicated to one of favorite X-Men, Wolverine, is coming to life as filming is already taking place on this mega-production.

Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine is accompanied by Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Liev Schrieber as Sabretooth, Dominic Monaghan as Bird and Taylor Kitsch as Gambit.

Whereas the third X-Men movie has more or less, marked the franchise for dead, Wolverine movie would revitalize the series and create opportunity for new franchises to evolve. Rumoured Storm film is still just a rumour, but recent entry by Marvel to take greater ownership of its characters and their large screen debuts means that we will have a seemingly endless amount of comic books turned into film material.

Wolverine is just such an opportunity. Script is written by David Benioff whose resume thus far is graced by dramatic films of political importance: The Kite Runner, The 25th Hour, Brothers and Troy.

Wolverine’s storyline is focused on foundation of the character, as Logan, after loss of a loved one, is eager to submit to military that would enable him to exact his vengeance. After the loss of his girlfriend (very Keanu Reeves), Logan pursues Sabretooth. His healing powers, falling short of a weapon, are a perfect fit for the development of Weapon X program.

Choice of a director in Gavin Hood is a strange one indeed. As Hood’s previous achievements are far removed from Hollywood’s lack of heart and drama. Hood is the hand behind such powerful films as Tsotsi, Rendition and In Desert and Wilderness (a literary childhood gem, if there ever was one).

Thus the choice of Hood as director is a strange one, but it certainly holds promise of a grittier, heartier viewpoint of one of the coolest characters to ever grace the pages of our favorite comic books.