Euro Manga and Anime

So the big J is in Europe for a few months and I finally finished read Roland Kelts wonderful book on the supposed Anime Invasion of the US. However, it is a much more global phenomenom than that. In Barcelona, I slid past the old castle and throne of the old Catalan Royal Family and right next door along the Roman walls in which the castle was built along was a shop with large letters advertising ‘COMICS’ and ‘MANGA’ in bold capital letters. In Cannes, amongst the cafes and bakeries there were anime figurines proudly displayed in the window of a shop selling expensive statues of such shows as Totoro and Magical Lyrical Nanoha. Japan is like way cool over here as well. In the small port town of Citivecchia in Italy, you can even buy the latest Naruto manga volume from newspaper stands on street corners. The more I look the more I see it, and the more I think it is a case of the US, and Canada for that matter, not being invaded, but catching up to the global phenomenom.