by Irma Arkus

Tomorrow is the big, green day when we finally get to face the embodiment of anger…The Incredible Hulk. A wimpy geek on the outside, a green, mean, monster machine on the inside, Bruce Banner will rock our world…or so they promised.

Before we hit the cinemas tomorrow, all bushy tailed and wide-eyed, here are some critical responses to Hulk:

Boston Herald’s critic James Verniere promises Hulk to be “good, dumb fun,” and of the attempt to reinvigorate a franchise that almost died with Ang Lee’s first stab at the green god, according to Verniere “gets the job done. Promised are many “Hulk Smash” moments, which overall sounds great to me.

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune on the other hand, kindly reminds the audience that he, unlike other 13 year olds, was not a kid grown on superhero materials, and yet despite that, find that this incarnation of The Incredible Hulk “plays the story for keeps without putting anyone on the couch, while heaping on the crushing, body-slamming death matches.” As for Edward Norton’s appearance, he finds it equally interesting and well chosen, as the casting of Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. That too sounds promising.

Tyler Shainline of the Horror Yearbook is extatic with proclamation: The Incredible Hulk is Actually Good! as it “smashes away all the painful memories attached to Ang Lee’s hopelessly melodramatic take on the Jade Giant and continues to uphold the mark of excellence created by Marvel Studios ‘Iron Man.'” He cleverly points out that this chapter of Hulk, unlike in Ang Lee’s version, actually contains a villain. No funny dogs and not weird children. Just a mean block of evil.

Few things in regards to the The Super Soldier Project, as Josh Tyler of Cinema Blend explains: even though Leterrier may have promised an appearance by Captain America, the footage itself is cut, as apparently 70 minutes of film has been cut out of the cinematic version.

70 minutes! That is almost an entire Shyamalan movie. The idea is that we get to watch the extra footage once the film is released on DVD.

Irma Smash! Irma Watch Hulk!