Your Rights: Consumers Unite Against New Canadian Copyright Bill

by Irma Arkus has issued “A Consumer White Paper” outlining current public dissatisfaction with recent proposal of a bill to augment Canadian Copyright laws. Canadians are incensed with the fact that the Harper government refrained from consultation with consumer advocacy groups despite the overwhelming statement that the proposed bill would “represent the interests of consumers.”

According to news, CIPPIC counsel David Fewer pointed as to Harper government extensive consultation with consulted with American government trade representatives and entertainment industry lobbyists, whereas not a single meeting between Minister Jim Prentice and a consumer advocacy group has taken place.

The consumer advocacy groups have formed a coalition consisting of groups such as the Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright, Canadian Music Creators Coalition (CMCC), the Documentary Organisation of Canada (DOC) and others.

Together they have published “CANADIAN COPYRIGHT LAW: A Consumer White Paper,” which outlines why adding anti-circumvention protection laws to current Canadian Copyright laws are not only unnecessary, but have serious negative consequences to Canadians.

Read the Canadian Copyright Law: A Consumer White Paper.