Finally! A Solution For Global Warming: Strapless G-String

The most absurd piece of “technology” just crossed my desk – I introduce you to the Shibue Strapless G-String. If you are as puzzled as I was, here is the info: it is a glorified menstrual pad.

Presumably, you use double sided sticky tape, except instead of attaching the object to the interior of your panties, you just kind of glue it onto your nether regions. This of course is based on assumption that your crotch is as bald as baby’s bottom, which means that this new piece of AMAZING TECHNOLOGY is only applicable to brazilian wax victims and porn stars.

This is apparently, going to solve the timeless dilemma of panty lines. Another piece of insane shit that you can buy. And guess what? It actually costs $25-30 a pop. Crazy? You be the judge.