Battlestar Galactica: Caprica

by Irma Arkus

Now that the fourth and final season of BSG is coming to a close (noooooooo!) I am at end of my wits. Let’s face it, BSG and I, we had some special moments. And now that the slow dance is almost over, I am kind of confused, looking either to hide in a shadowy corner and cry myself to tears, or snag a different dance partner and hit the floor again.

This is what they wanted all along. They seduce us, show us their irresistible bits, and then once we’re hooked, we need more. Which is where, I guess, Caprica comes into play.

Caprica is uniformely described as “BSG Dune.” Promised to be a major space-soap. A dynastic sci-fi saga, set across majestic Twelve Colonies. Somehow, this insight into the past of BSG will allow us to see the development of cybernetics and AI that will result in Cylon Wars, and intermittent peace prior to what I call “Number Six” period.

At heart of Caprica lies a feud of two families. One which is known for its Adama men: military strategists and legal wizards. While we get a glimpse of the corporate activities, many of which are illegal, experimenting with robotics, cybernetics and AI primarily owned and funded by Graystone family; we also get to see Adamas fighting the Graystones in court.

Althought this is somehow supposed to replace the “greatest show on TV to ever grace our small screens,” a saying I uniformely utter every time BSG comes up in conversation, there is an eerie similarity of the basic plot to a) every day news and b) JJ Abrams’ “Fringe.”

I understand that the two are seemingly as far removed from one another as possible, but hear me out. Both are concerned with new technologies, corporate corruption and consequences of corporate activities done behind closed doors. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been whining about getting to watch this kind of show for a while, but the only way I can see Moore pull this one off is if he gives us the TWELVE COLONIES in their full glory – if we truly get to see something that isn’t Earth as we know it.

Saying that, the SciFi channel in US has been less than keen on funding Caprica. There is nuanced conversation on whether Caprica will have a story arc with an embellished film-for-TV pilot, like the one that graced the beginning of BSG, or if Caprica will be an episodic show only, pending for its survival on less than spectacular viewership.

I cannot believe that I can almost hear cancellation rings without even seeing the show. Which brings us to whos who of Caprica. Thus far, the tapped talent is as following: Esai Morales, whom you might remember as “that handsome Latino dude” from Jericho; Eric Stolz, another handsome, mildly creepy, yet excellent actor who was “the child of the Fly” of The Fly II, or asshole angel Simon of The Prophecy; Polly Walker, who was the unforgettable supermom/Machiaveli, Atia of the Julii in Rome; Paula Malcomson of legendary Deadwood; and many Vancouverites…

Overall, casting not bad. Better question though: what is Katie Sackhoff going to star in, and am I going to be watching it?