Mamoru Oshii: The Sky Crawlers

by Irma Arkus

The Sky Crawlers, Mamoru Oshii’s latest title, is due to be released on Aug. 2nd. Based on a Hiroshi Mori novel, the story is set in alternate history, and follows a group of young kirudore fighter pilots, Ace Combat Team, embroiled in a conflict.

The interesting part of the conflict is that the pilots reprsent not national interests, but corporate ones. The war is not necessarily a war, but a homocidal championship – a futuristic gladiator sport created for amusement of Television viewers.

The Sky Crawlers was so well received that even though intended as a single novel, quickly developed into a series of novels, garnering a great deal of readership interest. The airplane enthusiast especially will enjoy the film, as Hiroshi’s universe of Sky Crawlers is full of alternate technology.

Wii game is set to be released this summer, while Oshii’s film is to immediately follow. No word yet on North American release date.