Awards: Locus Winners

by Irma Arkus

Last Friday, instead of listening to HiSciFi, beloved science fiction authors congregated at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, for the annual Locus Awards.

Here are the winners of the 2008 Locus Awards:

– Best Novel awarded to “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union” by Michael Chabon –

This strange noir detective story takes place in an alternate universe, a small Alaskan jewish community of Yiddish speakers. Meyer Landsman, an alcoholic private eye investigates a murder in the city of Sika, a place of jewish refugees and holocaust survivors.

Chabon’s exceptional novel has thus far won Nebula Award for Best Novel, has been nominated for a Hugo Award and the Sidewise Awards, as well as Edgar Awards for Best Novel and is shortlisted for British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel. Shortly, this one gets a unilateral must-read stamp of approval.

– BestFantasy Novel awarded to “Making Money” by Terry Pratchett –

It’s Terry Pratchett folks. Nuff said. Go read.

– Best Young Adult Book awarded to “Un Lun Dun” by China MiĆ©ville –

As if Mieville needs more awards…and now he’s thinking of children too. Awwww.

– Best First Novel awarded to “Heart-Shaped Box” by Joe Hill –

The First Novel awards are always exciting as they bring new talent into the spotlight. This year’s winner, Joe Hill, presents us with “Heart-Shaped Box” and if you are reminded of a Nirvana song, you’re right as the novel is partially influenced by dead rockers and all that is supernatural.

As some of you know by now, I am not a great keener on the “supernatural” elements as my heart-strings are tugged only by science. But saying that, this novel is somewhat of a surprise as it turns out to be a major bibliophile collectible.

Judas Coyne, the protagonist of the novel, is a collector of all rock memorabilia. Combine ghosts and love of rock into one awesome novel. Re-prints of the novel are still awaited.

– Best Novella goes to “After the Siege” by Cory Doctorow

Read it. Read it now. At least read the comic book version. The one with the pictures. Yeeesh.

– Best Novelette goes “The Witch’s Headstone” by Neil Gaiman –

Read that too.


That is more or less the summary of this year’s Locus Awards. It is worthwhile mentioning that Michael Swanwick won a Locus for story, “A Small Room in Koboldtown.” As far as art, this year’s scoop was The Arrival, by Shaun Tan.