Dreaming of Hardware: Kohjinsha ATOM Powered SX & SC Series

by Irma Arkus

I too have a dream, that some day, I will not have the choice between bulky and heavy, but a lightweight mobile device that is akin to a notebook yet some 60% smaller.

Let’s face it, since the days of watching Captain Pickard in action, we’ve been dreaming of devices size of a small notebook (and no, that weighty 14″ behemoth does not count) that we can pull out in transit and really have fun with.

Introducing new Kohjinsha ATOM Powered SX and SC Series. SX features a remarkable 8.9″ screen, 1.33GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 60GB harddrive, WiFi b/g and numerous other bells and whistles. Whereas SC-Series has a 7″ touch screen, a 1.33GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 60GB harddrive and other bells and whistles.

What are the extras? From GPS to 1.3 Mpix camera, USB, DVD and etc.

That’s something to think about.