Obituaries: George Carlin

by Irma Arkus

Yesterday, we lost George Carlin. He passsed away at tender age of 71 from a heart condition. We all hoped he’d have at least 20 years more, of the curmudgeonly kind, that would speak to many more generations.

I must admit, it is devastating to lose a voice like Carlin. Many dismiss Carlin as mere comedian, but he was so much more than that. He was not so much about the haha’s. Instead he spoke the truth. Unembellished, bony, gristly truth. There were no taboos, no appeasements of greater public, diplomacy or tenderizing of perspectives. There was only Carlin and the truth.

And he did tell the truth. Over and over again he has shown that we live surrounded by irrational behavior, tolerating lies and tautologies at every corner.

He was anti-religious. Anti-BS. Anti-establishement. But more that that. He despised the lies and refused to treat the audience as children. He reminded us over and over again that we are adults, with rights, and minds of our own.

If you haven’t indulged in George Carlin, please do so now. If you haven’t dusted off the records and the books, please do so now. And remember – if assholes like Jerry Fallwel got a great sendoff, make sure old Carlin gets one at least a hundred times better. Make sure you listen and remember the truth, Carlin’s way. Your way.