Accidental Nuclear Wareheads Going Off?! Get Your Seatbelts Ready

by Irma Arkus

Cold war brought us irrational crazy Americans ranting about “Commies,” Russian gambling games with jeans instead of local currencies, James Bond, and nuclear weapons. Lots and lots of nuclear weapons.

Decades later, everyone seems to have nuclear-warheads-a-plenty. The demand, strangely enough is still growing. However, according to UK Ministry of Defence safety manual, some 1700 of these wareheads have a design flaw that would allow them to set of accidentally.

According to, the declassified document has exposed flaws in design and handling procedures. Even though experts assure us that as long as the safety and handling procedures are rigorously followed, the risks of nuclear warheads accidentally triggered are extremely low.

Not so, point the critics, as safety and handling procedures cannot be necessarily complied with in cases of extreme circumstances, or in a case of human error, as last April nuclear warheads were sent by error on an airplane ride from North Dakota to Louisiana.