Next Dr. Who? Speculations A Plenty

by Irma Arkus

We have kissed goodbye so many, one would think that by now we’d be used to it, and still the feeling that the most infuriating thing in the world is to see one of your favorite Dr. Who perish persists.

The agony of awaiting someone, or something, to fill David Tennant’s shoes is turning the fourth season (and may I add, the best season of Dr. Who) into a nail-biting finale. One involving Rose, and Torchwood, and just about every familiar face in the franchise. And all of it culminates with a crescendo – David Tenant gone, and according to rumours, Rose dead.

But who can replace David Tennant? Let’s face it, after three worthwhile seasons, we have gained a true science fiction icon in David Tennant. And not just any icon, but a fan of Dr. Who who, after a lifelong grooming, grew into one of the most memorable incarnations of a beloved character.

We might not know until beginning of the next season, but speculations are abundant. In the world of bookies, following are bets placed on the next face of Dr. Who:

– Robert Carlyle
– Jason Statham
– Alan Davies
– James Nesbitt
– John Simm
– Julian Walsh
– Daniel Radcliffe
– Nigel Harman
– Catherine Tate
– Billie Piper

Yes. You can smell the confusion, the desperation and the sadness even amongst the bookies.