Medusa: Microwave Noise Machine

by Irma Arkus

When having Mr. Gluckman a few weeks back for an appearance on HiSciFi, he suggested that military has been developing devices that would use radio frequencies to make subjects more “suggestive” than usual. Initially, I dismissed it, but as it happens, today, an announced military Medusa project was splashed all over the New Scientist pages.

Not quite same as what Gluckman suggested earlier, but nontheless, a frightening invention, use of microwaves for crowd control and manipulation seems to be growing in applications. Medusa, the newest mass weapon, uses microwave signals to produce a “noise” that reverberates through one’s head, loud enough to cause subjects incapacitation.

Medusa’s microwave frequencies can also be used to generate recognisable sounds (aka. speech patterns) in subjects, the kind that cannot be technically “blocked out” by subjects.

There is a great concern of using microwaves for purposes of crowd control, as microwaves induce great deal of damage to tissue, increasing possibility of producing a large-scale weapon rather than a crowd dispersment tool. Tissue trauma such as neural damage are a possibility, as pointed out by James Lin of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

For more information, see New Scientist article HERE.