Witchblade, The Movie

by Irma Arkus

The comic books-to-movie are currently the latest trend in “sound financial planning” by film studios.

Now, of course, they will do something horrible and produce so much material that we’ll start hating the uber-powerful and damn handsome superheroes that used to reside on paper, only to resemble insanely rich and annoying celebrities (*btw I am sick of hearing about Vanessa Huydgens or whatever her name is…she is a teen who took her clothes off?! Why am I surrounded by stupid quotes from stupid people.)

For now, however, we are all still salivating at the thought of 2+ hours of heartwrenching thrills with some of our favorite heroes catapulted onto silver screen. The latest and greatest announcement is that Witchblade is to be made into a movie.

Michael Rymer is named as the director who will helm the project and bring his vision of turning one of my favorite characters into flesh and bone.

Rymer is well-equipped to deal with Witchblade, as a director of oh-so-pretty-yet-pretty-irrelevant Perfume (2001), Queen of the Damned (2002) – which happens to be an unforgivable creation – and many Battlestar Galactica episodes, including BSG: Razor (2007).

His track record may not be stellar, but is promising enough for Witchblade to shine again.

The script is penned by Australia’s Everett De Roche, who has more than shown his brilliant side when writing Cybergirl and Parallax.

All that is of course, nice and dandy, however, Witchblade drama does not stop at Detective Sara “Pez” Pezzini and her getting acquainted with the greatest weapon in existance. The plot in comics has thickened over the last few years. For one, we have a few Witchblade wearers, and then there are Spears of Destiny and all that jazz…so, I guess the most interesting part of seeing Witchblade produced for live action film will be to see what part of the myth of Witchblade will De Roche choose as his focal point.

More to come…