Live Action: Dragon Ball Z

by Irma Arkus

Now that the novelty of comic books to silver screen productions wore off, every executive of anything ever produced is aiming to get a piece of the theatrical release action. Introducing “Dragon Ball Z” on silver screen!

Quite possibly the last cartoon you would envision in a live action form, “Dragon Ball Z” promises to bring the heroes you’ve loved as a child, and turn them into something horrifying, glossy and made by Hollywood.

“You must be mistaken Irma,” you think to yourself. “This cannot be! I mean, this must be one of those projects that are sitting on some pile of to-be-approved paperwork, only to be forgotten.” And you’d be wrong.

It seems that we’ve been a bit slow on the uptake, as production on the film, aimed for 2009 release date, is already on its way. Between names like Emmy Rossum, who plays Bulma, James Marsters (one of our favorites) as Piccolo, Yun-Fat Chow as Master Roshi, and Justin Chatwin as Goku (I think the last one made me throw up a little).

Director James Wong is helming the project. Wong is better known for his work on The One (2001) and Final Destination films.

The most interesting part of this production is the response of the fans, as many are astounded that the film is a) being made into live action production, and b) that most have only recently found out that it is being made.

It seems that 20th Century Fox forgot the basic rule of nurturing and expanding the fan base of its upcoming production. Hopefully, they won’t repeat the Idiocracy experiment, and forget to tell us when the film is completed and ready for release.