Prince of Persia, The Movie

by Irma Arkus

They’re coming right at me!!! Ugh. And it’s hard to keep up. The latest in video games-turned -celuloid is Prince of Persia. That’s right, the classic “I must save princess within hour, otherwise I am going to have to do this whole thing again” game that provided numerous hours of entertainment is becoming a cinematic production.

Attached to the project is Jake Gyllenhaal in title role, joined by Gemma Arterton,
Ben Kingsley, and Alfred Molina. Scheduled for a 2010 release, shooting has already begun in Morocco.

Even though the story is based on one of oldest video-game franchises, the company currently holding the title, Ubisoft, is not involved with production of the silver screen version.

The Prince of Persia follows a story of a Prince (surprise, surprise) who together with Tamina is trying to get back the gift of gods in hands of a villanous Vizier: sand who can turn light into dark, people into demons, and whoever possesses it will rule the world.

This Bruckheimer production of Prince of Persia is written by Carlo Bernard, a man who until now only wrote one screenplay to see the light of day, that of The Great Raid (2005). Many fans are disgruntled by casting choices, which are, lets face it, more than predictable. On top of which, Ubisoft’s reaction and lack of involvement with the film is a concern.

I humbly believe that this film, as well as the Mummy 3 sequel, currently failing to impress audiences everywhere, is a direct outcome of the outrageous costs of generating the unnecessary, yet highly valued Sandman featured in Spiderman 3. Raimi’s efforts to visually perfect an engine that would create undeniable visual sensation of sand in all its grainy forms will undoubtedly result in numerous production with monsters (yes, you guessed it!) made of sand!

So, I advise you – be on the lookout for buffer versions of your favorite actors, as well as a whole army of sand people!