TIFF ’08: *Control Alt Delete*, Mamoru Oshii’s *The Sky Crawlers*

by Irma Arkus

Let’s explore TIFF /08 for some additional sparkly cinema gems that you may or may not want to check out when your home town turns into a crazy Hollywood celebrity stomping ground.

“Control Alt Delete” brings us back to the .com bubble days of 1999, when Lewis Henderson, an average geek and hardware junkie moves from loving his PC to “loving” his PC.

I recall a strange statistic regarding 15% of geeks who take that one step further when glancing at the sexy hardware, and start to “looove” their little machines.

Lewis Henderson of course begins with all that freely available pornography, however, after the breakup, he moves into a dark territory of hardware loving. What stars with the home hardware, quickly turns into a set of affairs with computers at work, and other people’s laptops. Ewwwww.

Also, Mamoru Oshii’s newest animated film, “The Sky Crawlers,” is premiering at TIFF. Hopefully, the rest of us will also get to see its release in the following few months.