Amazon, Ripping off EZTV?

by Irma Arkus

Online retailers are awakening to the fact that yes, we do enjoy watching TV, just not necessarily when “they” want us to, rather when we have a chance to squeeze in an hour of fun. is now joining the ranks of those offering on-demand videos. Kinda like EZTV, but costlier. $2.00 for a TV episode, and $15.00 for a – get a load of this – 24 hour rental of a movie!!! That happens to be a more expensive viewing than purchasing a movie ticket.

The question is whether the catalogue of movies bears any gems. And also, it will be intersting to see how long will it take for the “rental” software to be cracked.

It is important to acknowledge that these services offered by Apple, Netflix and Amazon are but a pale imitation of fan-based sites using p2p technology already in existance.