Royal Society Identity Crisis: Update

by Irma Arkus

Latest update on Royal Society Identity Crisis involving Reverend Professor Michael Reiss is that he submitted his resignation from his chair as Director of Education of Royal Society.

Reiss’ resignation has a wide political impact as it brought the issue of creationism and education to UK. Reiss apparently, did not necessarily prescribe to the opinion that Creationism should be introduced into the classrooms, however, his statement indicated that teachers should be allowed to discuss concepts of Creationism and Intelligent Design in a classroom environment, which, considering the lack of framework for educational environment, opens to doors to teaching religous concepts instead of evolutionary biology.

Colleagues of Reiss have expressed their concerns when hiring of Reiss, a reverend, took place, describing the situation of handing directorial position of such prestige to a deeply religious man, as “pythonesque.”

Monty Python sketches aside, the resignation of Prof. Reiss may have resulted in a short term appeasement of members of the science community, but has opened the European public to the greater political schism between religious and scientific communities.

Galileo where art thou?!!!