VCon Preview

Susan and Mike Walsh, aka the Walshes, are giving us the preview of VCon this year – we are about to be stricken with a flood of writers, and volunteers in crazy outfits, reciting their favorite lines from Buffy,
calling upon Cthulhu, and singing those fave Filk numbers.

For more information you can check out the VCon website and see what they have prepared for this year.

I would like to point out that VCon is unlike a lot of other conventions, and I guess we can wax poetics about it, but realistically it is a smaller convention of both nerds, and professional nerds.

One thing I always found it to be is an excellent source of (protein?) resources for budding writers. Whether you’re into writing for TV, film, or developing your new horror, fantasy or sci-fi book, VCon is really the place to be. For one, many guests of honour, mostly and usually writers of highest caliber (the ones who “made it”!) are actually willing to spend an enormous amount of time and effort sitting close to your smelly self, and giving you pointers on how to earn some dough and get somewhere with your wits and talents alone!

This may not seem like much until you check out who’s who of VCon this year. For one, my favorite Can-lit figure, Robert J. Sawyer, is a constant presence at VCon. Even though he threatens every year that the funds are limited, he keeps on coming back, which means that either he has a mistress we don’t know about, or he really digs the atmosphere.

This year, Kelley Armstrong and Patrick Rothfuss are joined by a horde of authors, some of which are even going to use the opportunity of this strange Surrey, BC gathering to launch a book or two.

We are talking Don DeBrandt, Lynne Fahnestalk, Eileen Kernaghan,Robert J. Sawyer, Lisa Smedman and wait for it….Jeanne Robinson & Spider Robinson!

Another welcome (and super-cool) addition is the appearance of Dr. Jaymie Matthews who will be bringing the strange world of science to this year’s VCon. There is a rumour that even intelligent design will be addressed during workshops – this smells like trouble, and fun.

There is even something to sweat about – training with swords (and those things will cut you and kill you) and even something about Electric Fencing?!!! Whatever that is, I just hope it makes noise.

This year’s VCon is even getting cozy with the kinky side of life with “Bedroom RolePlaying for Beginners.” Which reminds me that I should dust off that Princess Leia costume.

All in all, this small, delicate flower we call VCon is going to be a party. The best part is – we are broadcasting live directly from the party, so in other words, HiSciFi will be VCon…for your ears.