Rumours: “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV Show May be Cancelled

by Irma Arkus

Current ratings of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the television show based on James Cameron’s Terminator series of films, are not living up to expectations, and the show may be canceled.

Starring Summer Glau as the “cutest Terminator ever,” Thomas Dekker as John Connor a la teen years of growing pains, and Lena Headey as Sarah Connor, has thus far exceeded my expectations.

While the franchise of films, based on groundbreaking action cinema, declined in quality with its third installment, the television show focusing on Machiavellian plots by machines from future to eliminate humanity’s last hope and leader, John Connor, in his teen years, has successfully melded drama and science fiction elements.

It brought mystery back into fold with Summer Glau’s terminator character, Cameron, and generally provided me with much needed action bit to an already chock-full TV line-up of bratty high-school kids who earn more money, both in real and fake lives, than I ever will.

I would definitely find the loss of this show regrettable. Especially since it serves as a reintroduction to mythos of James Cameron’s initial concept, and a jumping point to a new franchise of films starring Christian Bale. Release date for Terminator 4: Salvation is now scheduled for May of 2009.