Canadian Elections 2008: Conservatives Win Minority Government

by Irma Arkus

Election outcomes are trickling in, and for now, the Conservatives have won 146 seats of the 308 seats in the house. This marginal growth of seats pushes Conservatives 20 seats more than previously held.

Conservative Party leadership was faced not so much with competitive party platforms from New Democratic Party, Liberals and the newly included in debates, Green Party, but rather voter unease over issues of economic stability.

Conservatives’ aggressive, US-style campaign seemed to win over most voters over in beginning of the election race, as polls initially indicated an ensured majority victory. However, the global financial crisis that spread like wildfire in recent weeks, gave voters pause.

Additionally, Conservative’s staunch position in support of Bill C61 and Bill C10, drew a sharp line between right-wing and left-wing Canadian politics. As Conservatives appeared to be in opposition to funding of arts programs, and in support of draconian Copyright Act that would benefit large conglomerates, very much deterred youth voters from joining the ranks of Conservative supporters.

More updates to follow.