Anime Network on iPhone

by Irma Arkus

Anime Network shows are to be broadcast on Apple’s Anime Channel, vSNAX.
Titles such as Azumanga Daioh, Saiyuki and Mythical Detective Loki will be available in 3 to 5 minute segments to all iPhone and iPod Touch users on the go.

This is just the first stage of networks distributing their television content to mobile platforms, and unlike in Korea, Japan and China, who have implemented a variety of streaming platforms for mobiles years ago, the North American networks are cascading to bringing their content into mobile user community.

Canada, compared to its US counterparts, is even slower in mobile media streaming, as healthy competition does not exist between telcos due to the fact that telecommunication companies (similar to players in banking) have developed into large conglomerates which practically function as monopolies.

Either way, the more anime, the better! Yipee!