HiSciFi – The Monocle & Jimmy Specs, live with Denis Faye

This week I present to you the genious of Denis Faye, writer and co-creator of The Monocle and Jimmy Specs. I was at first drawn to The Monocle and Jimmy Specs by the exquisite art of Rikki Niehaus, the other half of the creative team that brings us the beauty to nostalgia together with KAPOW and BAM! of a superhero team: The Monocle, who is a bored aristocrat determined to save the world and amuse himself at the same time, and Jimmy, an all-American creamy, honestly average good guy.

Denis Faye is not only a comic book writing fiend who, amongst other things, is working on getting us the background story of Studio 407’s Helix (one of those self-sacrificing comic book characters we always have a soft-spot for) but he is also currently working on a film, High Midnight.

High Midnight is directed by lovely Mary Lambert, who is better known for her cult horror flicks which include the memorable “Pet Sematary.” The film is supposed to quench the thirst for *more vampires* and *more cowboys*!!! That’s right, it’s time to see what happens when vampires immigrate to North America.

Stan Winston Studios are providing the special effects, which means that this production will be extra delicious. And the cherry on top? Well, let’s just say that the casting includes Thomas Kretschmann, William Baldwin, and…wait for it…Ted Raimi!

So, tune in, and don’t forget to send your comments to hiscifi@gmail.com
HiSciFi – The Monocle & Jimmy Specs, live with Denis Faye