Ode to Superdickery.com

by Irma Arkus

Behold the amazing Superdickery.com! Apparently, the Silver Age of Comic Books was laden with bad marketing ploys.

To get you to purchase the dandy comic featuring your favorite super heroes, the editors produced eye-popping oddities on covers.

Superman acting like a tool, Wonder Woman experiencing bondage session tied to a phallic object, and monkeys, loads of monkeys. People, this was not a Silver Age of comic books, but age of superdicks, S&M addicts and big apes! (click on images above to see larger samples of this phenomena)

Thus I present to you with Superdickery.com. Collections which started with Mike Miksch encountering one of these curiousities, only to develop into an obsession with followers. Not only is Superdickery.com a website with a precious collection of gems, but a lively community featuring hundreds of members who regularly converse on subjects of ‘dickery.

Listen to the interview with Mike Miksch below, and make sure to visit his Superdickery.com website!