The Show Must Go On: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

by Irma Arkus

Despite the lower ratings and rumours that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is about to be canceled, the Fox network announced that the show will indeed be picked up for yet another season.

There are plenty of speculations fueling the rumours of what the reason is for the show’s lease on life, and statements issued by Fox are not very helpful either, as they refer to executives (I paraphrase) “seeing potential,” and “liking the show.”

The quality of the TSCC production is very high, and I happen to enjoy it very much. It has a great cast, a story that does have a great potential, but moreover, its ratings are no better or worse that that of “Chuck,” or other shows in lineup.

Personally, I believe that Fox is renewing its TSCC contract because it anticipates an increase in audience due to Terminator sequel hitting the theatres. The promotional efforts for the film, which usually run in tens of millions of dollars, will essentially offset the costs or losses encountered by the TSCC show as well as guarantee increased audiences for pre- and post-release period of the theatrical release.

Another set of rumours regarding renewal of TSCC is that Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” is encountering some “creative differences” and production problems. Whedon’s suspect involvement with Fox has indeed brought us seven seasons of Buffy, a few worthwhile seasons of Angel, and an unfinished taste of Firefly. But the evidence points to the fact that Fox and Whedon do not mix.

Which further begs the question: Why hasn’t Whedon tried to find an alternative network to house his productions? Or better yet, now that Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, as well as Kindler’s Sanctuary, have proven to be successful, why not turn to an alternate media for distribution?