US Socialism…At Last!!! – FCC Considering National Wireless Internet

by Irma Arkus

Today we caught a whiff of FCC finally considering introduction of a free national wireless Internet service.

FCC engineers issued a report concluding that the idea of wireless Internet should indeed may belong to realm of utilities, meaning that its wireless spectrum auctions will go to the highest bidder who will also ensure to offer free, national, wireless internet services. Auctions are estimated to begin at the end of 2009.

Previously auctioned spectrum has reaped high revenues, as T-Mobile paid approximately $4 billion for a set of frequencies.

Thus far, the players in the spectrum auctions have deterred investigations into possibility of a nationalized free wireless internet services, by expressing concerns that these networks would “interfere” with their 3G applications. However, after testing by FCC engineers, it is evident that such interference would not occur.

The revenues that would result from spectrum ownership have not materialized despite the hype. Both European and North American telcos invested heavily into what many experts urged are utilities of the future. Instead of spectrum auctions, perhaps nationalizing part of spectrum and allowing entrepreneurs to use it freely in order to grow a new set of businesses with small capital investments, would ultimately prove to be more beneficial for the economy in the long run. But that’s just my wishful thinking.

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