TV Review: My Own Worst Enemy

by Irma Arkus

My Own Worst Enemy premiered last week. Did you know about this show? I didn’t. You didn’t either, as it seems to have premiered to a very, very small audience. According to ratings, noone got to see this show.

Starring “that guy who was cute in the 80’s,” Christian Slater, it merges what looks like a decent spy-thriller with a Whedon’s Dollhouse knock-off concept.

Slater is Henry, as well as Edward. One of them is merely a working stiff/family guy, who spends his days at the office, as well as mounted on shrink’s couch, as he has flashbacks, memories, and even memorabilia he cannot explain for. And then there is the other part of him, the part that contains a soul and heart of a highly skilled sociopath and a killing machine. Now, all of this may seem as a strech, because it is.

The concept of Henry / Edward sharing a body is preposterous, ridiculous, illogical and kind of weird too. But that said, the show’s premier was strangely entertaining, and the performance of Slater was meant to stretch his acting skills, which as we all know, is every actor’s dream.

The problem is truly with the plot. The sociopath volunteered for a program that allows the government to interfere with part of how he spends his day, building up this strange, family guy character. Henry knows about Edward, but Edward does not know about Henry. That is, until the whole thing starts to malfunction, and they both become keenly aware of one another.

The story has a strange and amusing quality, minus the whole: why would government invest in altering and eating away at valuable hours of one of the most active agents just to create a fumbling accountant-like creature who wastes his hours whining and spending cuddly times at home? I mean, the meek guy is apparently not even good at making love to his wife! How sad.

I guess the appeal was to get in touch with you guys, who can’t make love to your wives, and are secretly dreaming of getting off the couch and doing fantastic things a la James Bond. Of course, that premise is demeaning as most people I know do not lead such pathetic lives (apart from rabid fans of James Bond, I presume).

The other problem lies in “what happens next?” question. Most of the adventuring and the issues are already explored in the pilot. Unless this is one of the most ambitious writing staffs encountered, this may be not only one of those shows that people ignore during opening, but for a whole season (yawn)!

Either way, between all the science fiction shows that are ending their runs (*smirk* and goodbye my beloved BSG *yelp*), and the new shows that happened to have either desperate yet uber-wealthy teens or houseviwes, I would not mind another action drama in spirit of now long-buried Alias. However, the weak opening of the show, probably signals that we will not get to see much of anything on Slater, or of “My Own Worst Enemy” for quite some time.

Watch the pilot and decide.