Conan, the Movie

by Irma Arkus

Long awaited sequel to Conan the Barbarian film franchise seems to have experienced a spurt of progress. The latest news have Brett Ratner attached to direct the film, with production aiming for a release date in 2010.

While many have envisioned the sequel entailing Arnold Schwarzenegger repeating his breakout role, delays in script approval, Schwarzenegger’s tie to Terminator franchise, and eventually his election to Governor of California state seat, have made his performance impossible. Fans of the films have had to eventually come to an overall conclusion that Schwarzenegger, despite his obvious linguistic advancements, would be too old to repeat the role of the young barbarian king.

Another personage considered for the role was Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, who has caught the eye of producers with his Scorpion King performance, but the evident change in Johnson’s career direction ensured that once again, the film would be delayed.

Attachment of Brett Ratner, as well as screenwriters Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, is a promising turn in events of bringing this beloved comic book character back on the screen.