UPDATE: Terminator: Salvation

by Irma Arkus

McG promises to kick ass: according to BBC, his direct quote is Terminator:Salvation will “push the envelope.” My comment? Finally!

After so many years of Terminator franchise experiencing an agonizing and grueling death, Salvation indeed is at our doorstep. Stop wondering what apocalypse would be like, and start envisioning it!!! Why? Because this is one thing new in the world of entertainment. For one, I have had enough of “hero saves the day!” stories. For one, I want the day to go really bad. So bad in fact, that I do not know if the hero will even get to survive.

McG promises to do exactly that – deliver a new Terminator film, one imbued with quality (read: Christian Bale), new special effects (read: Terminator), as well as enough action set in an post-apocalyptic setting.

Rumours fly that even Schwarzenegger has allowed his mug to be pasted onto Terminators. so there…it shall be fun!