David Tenant Leaving “Doctor Who”

by Irma Arkus

David Tenant has issued a statement that he is ending his career as The Doctor. According to BBC, despite the initial statements that his contract will encompass another season, as well as planned Doctor Who movie specials, Tenant decided to end his involvement with the franchise he is so very fond of.

At the end of previous season, the heated debate on whether Tenant would be replaced, has resulted in record numbers of viewers, anticipating the season’s finale.

However, the death of Tenant as Doctor Who, was just a “tease” for the audience.

Shortly after though, Russell T. Davies announced his departure from the franchise, and now Tenant’s premature departure follows. Russel T. Davies, who served as the head writer and producer of the show, will be replaced by Stephen Moffat.

The rumours are abound with which actor or actress is to become The Doctor. Many fans are also disappointed with the recent announcement, as David Tenant, a cast member as well as a great fan of the Doctor Who franchise, is to this day, one of the most beloved cast members to fill the shoes of mysterious hero and Timelord.

Who will be the next Doctor? Have you any ideas? All bets are on.