David Morrisey The Next Doctor Who?

by Irma Arkus

We only found out a few days ago that David Tennant is leaving the role of Doctor Who: but who is to replace him? Who is to be the next Doctor?

This morning, UK audiences awoke to their BBC Breakfast television show, only to watch David Morrisey squirm in his seat, avoiding the confirmation of whether he will indeed take the place of the new Doctor.

Morrisey, leaving the audience with only a cryptic hint of his involvement with the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, refused to confirm or deny the extent of his involvement, saying: “everyone’s going to be watching, and we don’t wanna spoil it.”

Morrisey has been a serious contender for the role of Doctor Who. His attempt at making a shift to US screens has been a remarkable failure. On the other hand, UK audience has nothing but fondness for the guy who successfully danced and sang his heart out in beloved “Blackpool.”