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Return of the Red Dwarf?

by Irma Arkus

An unlikely, but really spectacular announcement hit UK media: Red Dwarf, the holy cow of all sci-fi comedies, will return!

The original cast with Craig Charles as Lister, Chris Barrie as Rimmer, Danny John-Jules as Cat and Robert Llewellyn as Kryten are going to be reunited for a two-part special. What is the special? The return of Red Dwarf…to Earth!!!

“Red Dwarf: Back to Earth” will hit the TVs in April, produced to be aired for Easter weekend.

Let’s just say, the fans are excited. Now I’m off to get some fishies.



Take a Look At the Big Picture

by Irma Arkus

Few things are as exciting as the planet we live on. I invite you to take a look at the Big Picture: satellite images of Earth Observatory, run by NASA. This also, by the way, may explain to critics why we should have a civilian-run space program, instead of only a military one.

Check out the images of a great crater in Sahara, or dunes of Iran [link]

BSG: Cylon Wars, Coming To You In Comix

by Irma Arkus

First of all, if you haven’t received the news yet, make sure to tune in on this Friday, as the new episode of BSG will premier.

This episode will be so cool that your head might explode. It is also fractionally (and that includes the frak) longer by about 3 minutes.

You will feel exhausted, kicked in the nuts, but more importantly, you will realize that living BSG-sans is no way to go on.

But wait! There is an answer to your problems, as BSG Cylon Wars premier in comic books.

Newsarama reports that Dynamite Entertainment will issue a four-issue comic series that will explain the first of Cylon wars, a sort of Caprica tale.

If You’re Canadian, Where Do You Want Your Money To Go?

by Irma Arkus

A more unusual approach by Canada’s Finance Minister is drawing attention, as Jim Flaherty issued a public invitation to all who want to express their opinion for fiscal stimulus, to be included in Budget of 2009.

So, if you know of anyone who already has millions, or billion of dollars, lets all get together and make sure that we give them more money. Alright! Lets go!!!

See link for more information.

Speedy on Joss Whedon

by Irma Arkus

The amazing Joss Whedon has finally released a glimpse of his long awaited Dollhouse.

The news of the pilot, finally shown to executives and critics at a conference, featured more than a few funnies.

The long-awaited Dollhouse has been plagued by delays, reshoots, rewrites and grumbling from financiers.

Our favorite Tahmoh Penikett has seemingly landed a great role, only to be in midst of a whilwind disaster.

That, and the lack of Joss Whedon in a midst of a vampire-revival with teens, just seemed impossible to bear for the fans, myself included.

Now, we are assured that Dollhouse will premier in February of 2009.

Moreover, Whedon is considering to make a sequel to his webisodial, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Double yeey!

Oh Yeah, Buck Rogers is Coming Baack!

by Irma Arkus

You must have been wondering: amongst all remakes, where is the return of Buck Rogers? Well, wonder no more as it has been announced on TrekToday that rights for Buck Rogers have been purchased by James Cawley, known for his fandom productions.

Cawley apparently, very much fell in love with Buck Rogers, the WWI pilot propelled into 25th century, and is very much keen on restoring the image of Buck Rogers found in comic books.

I imagine that the revised Buck Rogers will be grittier, macho experience, and may very much resemble (or attempt to) the dark and CG-laden Sanctuary.

HiSciFi @ VCon: C. June Wolf, author of Finding Creatures & Other Stories

We got to meet C. June Wolf during V-Con and she is not only an incredible author, but an amazing human being to boot! Wolf travels and often work in Haiti, which is of course, why so many of her stories are filled with the myth and voodoo of foreign lands.

Tune in and check out her upcoming book: Finding Creatures & Other Stories
HiSciFi @ VCon: C. June Wolf, author of Finding Creatures & Other Stories

Wolverine Trailer Amazing

by Irma Arkus

The superheroes have revitalized the dying cinema…or so they say. The recent proliferation of superhero-infused films has been both over and underwhelming.

For one, excuses for stories with superheroes, such as “Hancock” starring Will Smith, the upcoming “Race to Witch Mountain” starring “that guy who used to have a career” Dwayne Johnson (or The Rock), or for that matter, things that marr my memories, such as “Zoom,” Tim Allen’s family offering with some fancy CG action, are equivalently barf-inducing and should not be watched by human beings. Anywhere. Period.

While you may think that I am being cruel, bagging Hancock with Zoom, then please do continue to fret, because both represent films without any backstories, original source material, or prior audience engagement.

In some cases, that would be called bold, inventive, and creative. Ratatouille is one example where such story worked out into a great production. But that is because they did not rely on lazy writing. Ratatouille’s writers did not rely on ripping off stories that resemble familiar pages of comic books which they vaguely remember from their masturbatoriums. Instead, they made an effort to construct a script worth getting a crew together for.

In cases of recent Nicolas Cage films, and the above named suspects, the superhero genre is used and abused, raped and molested by writers who are faking it.

The first superhero films were not much to look at. While Spawn was an awesome thing, it certainly wasn’t the best film ever made. And do not tell me that your Fantastic Four dreams have been fulfilled by those weak attempts at Jessica Alba, invisible, in tights.

It isn’t until this year of 2008 that we finally got to combine all things that make for good films, with subject of superheroes.

Dark Knight and Iron Man have set the bar way higher than their predecessors. Now we expect more. Now we need more. We demand not only people in tights and capes, but great story, amazing script, incredible actors, wonderful action, superb CG graphics, and much, much more.

This is why superhero films are exciting, yet dangerous, as they may sorely disappoint.

Speaking of which, the Wolverine trailer looks amazing. But will it be an incredible film? That is left to be seen.

HiSciFi is, Like, Totally Famous!!! – !earshot Magazine Gets a Load of HiSciFi

by Irma Arkus

We’re totally famous now! Earshot Magazine is featuring us, your humble HiSciFi this month. They say we rule! We say, yeah.

This is what they write (article below) or check out the link.


Programmer Profile: HiSciFi Rules!

Now that geeks are cool, it might be time to accept that science fiction is too. Irma Arkus and HiSciFi lead the charge.

“HiSciFi is dedicated to our inner nerddom,” says host Irma Arkus, “exploring sci-fi in entertainment and the arts, and issues in technology and science.” In grander terms she continues, “I guess if I am to describe it, then HiSciFi is about the fringes of possibilities, the excitement of the new, and the promise of tomorrow.”

Imra and her loose crew of co-hosts, offer up a mix of insider news, interviews, reviews and banter. That might sound like a lot of geeking out for the average listener, but they keep it lively and fast moving and given that science fiction, whether, Lost or Heroes or Star Wars is as big a part of our entertainment culture as cop shows, anyone can keep up. HiSciFi gets the best, the most passionate, and the brightest of authors, activists and industry insiders. “HiSciFi is about things that get people excited. What is better than talking about sexy robots, or how much Michael Bay’s Transformers sucked? Or getting the down-low on an air-compression engine car, a newly discovered planet, and hating the governmental policies on net neutrality and DRM?

“The really amazing thing is that HiSciFi gets the best, the most passionate, and the brightest of authors, activists, and even industry insiders. Damian Kindler is a perfect example of someone who grew up loving horror and science fiction films, and became a creator of Sanctuary, the first independent TV show that used the internet for distribution.” The show has lined up an impressive roster of guests including: Cory Doctorow, Michael Geist, Joana Slonczewsky, Lauren Weinstein, Robert J. Sawyer, Joseph Mallozzi, Cheryl K. Olson and many more. HiSciFi airs on CJSF 90.1 FM in Vancouver on Fridays from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. You can also listen live online or by podcast at or torrent (Mininova). For more on HiSciFi visit the show’s website at