YouTube Video Dump

Hey guys it’s me Tarek from the show. Like many people of the internet age I like weird YouTube videos, so here’s a random stir-fry of weird and fun vids that I’ve been exposed to recently. Long live the new flesh.

Check out the sweet special effects and awesome acting in this one.

I heard this is from the director of Ricky-O, so this like just a regular day at the pet store in the director’s head. This is a Kung-Fu fight between a cat and dog with an awesome fatality at the end.

The absurd killer lampshade and blood spewing cats scene from Hausu:

This demonstrates why Captain Kirk is the manliest Starfleet captain – this shows his technique for seducing aliens and making them love him forever.

Vintage Hong Kong cinema with a predecessor to the Chain Chomp.

Muscle March – an awesome game for Wii that just recently started getting distributed in North America. Clearly this started with a grand vision – a vision involving lots of muscles smashing through walls and through space-time itself.

This is funny for about a minute, but it’s a cute joke nonetheless.

That’s it for now. Sorry if they’re old, but they’re new to someone.