HiSciFi is, Like, Totally Famous!!! – !earshot Magazine Gets a Load of HiSciFi

by Irma Arkus

We’re totally famous now! Earshot Magazine is featuring us, your humble HiSciFi this month. They say we rule! We say, yeah.

This is what they write (article below) or check out the link.


Programmer Profile: HiSciFi Rules!

Now that geeks are cool, it might be time to accept that science fiction is too. Irma Arkus and HiSciFi lead the charge.

“HiSciFi is dedicated to our inner nerddom,” says host Irma Arkus, “exploring sci-fi in entertainment and the arts, and issues in technology and science.” In grander terms she continues, “I guess if I am to describe it, then HiSciFi is about the fringes of possibilities, the excitement of the new, and the promise of tomorrow.”

Imra and her loose crew of co-hosts, offer up a mix of insider news, interviews, reviews and banter. That might sound like a lot of geeking out for the average listener, but they keep it lively and fast moving and given that science fiction, whether, Lost or Heroes or Star Wars is as big a part of our entertainment culture as cop shows, anyone can keep up. HiSciFi gets the best, the most passionate, and the brightest of authors, activists and industry insiders. “HiSciFi is about things that get people excited. What is better than talking about sexy robots, or how much Michael Bay’s Transformers sucked? Or getting the down-low on an air-compression engine car, a newly discovered planet, and hating the governmental policies on net neutrality and DRM?

“The really amazing thing is that HiSciFi gets the best, the most passionate, and the brightest of authors, activists, and even industry insiders. Damian Kindler is a perfect example of someone who grew up loving horror and science fiction films, and became a creator of Sanctuary, the first independent TV show that used the internet for distribution.” The show has lined up an impressive roster of guests including: Cory Doctorow, Michael Geist, Joana Slonczewsky, Lauren Weinstein, Robert J. Sawyer, Joseph Mallozzi, Cheryl K. Olson and many more. HiSciFi airs on CJSF 90.1 FM in Vancouver on Fridays from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. You can also listen live online or by podcast at www.cjsf.ca or torrent (Mininova). For more on HiSciFi visit the show’s website at www.HiSciFi.com.