Joss Whedon Reveals “Dollhouse” Deets on Perfect Woman

by Irma Arkus

NYTimes had a question/answer period with none other than Joss Whedon. The creator of the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, is about to embark on yet another TV venture, “Dollhouse.”

Dollhouse currently features Eliza Dushku as the protagonist, a sort of altered piece of humanity that can be wiped clean of memories, only to assume a desired role. As the perfect agent, Echo, Dushku represents the perfect woman: mentally pliant, transforming into the object of desire. Beneath all that though, is revealed that Echo is starting to gain self awareness, maybe even retaining some traces of her former self, muddying the waters of her existance.

The creator, Whedon, a fan and creator favorite (trust me on this one), revealed some pretty pertinent information, including what roles Dushku is to portray: she’s going to be a rich older woman who has died, she’s going to be a blind cult member, she’s going to be a dominatrix, she’s going to be a backup singer for a pop star, she’s going to be a safecracker, she’s going to be a somebody’s wife… see what I mean?

And though on the surface, the plot is some kind of wet dream for an average actor, resembling part Quantum Leap, part Pretender, part Alias, the elusive concept of identity of Echo, as a woman, lies at the heart of the show.

“[While] we as an audience are searching for her identity, but she is more searching for the concept of identity, at first,” explains Whedon.

Since everyone is awaiting the return of witty dialogues, and competent femmes, the demarcation of Whedon’s writing style, I just have add: I Can’t Wait!