HiSciFi – Frank Garcia, Darwin & Dollhouse – Part I

This week we get Frank Garcia to tell all about his new book, Science Fiction Television Series, 1990 – 2004, and we learn about some behind-the-scenes moments from the mouths of babes: Frank spoke to directors, actors and writers of shows you hated and loved and he shares a lot of inside information with us.

Then we turn to agony of Valentines Day, and the fact that our staff is no good at whole “nicey flowers, lingerie, and relationship” stuff.

Dollhouse is to premier, so we fondly reminisce of favorite heroines and tell you a bit about the new Joss Whedon show.

And Darwin! We celebrate Charles Darwin’s b-day, and give you the goods on some latest advances in genetics.

That and much, much more: Net Neutrality in Canada, Sharks, Spike & Mike’s Animation Festival and an endless amount of fun!

So, hold on tight, and if you have any questions for us, or our guests, do send us mail – send your inquiries to hiscifi@gmail.com or add your comment below.
HiSciFi – Frank Garcia, Darwin & Dollhouse – Part I