Spike & Mike’s Begins…Now!

by Irma Arkus

Spike & Mike’s begins tonight with some amazing animation. Usually, the festival contains things that will make you sweat, barf, laugh, and then make you do all those again, as you are confronted with outrageous amounts of violence, mysogeny, gore, and all other inappropriate content.

That’s kind of the point of the entire exercise too: the festival showcases short animated films that will never reach your TVs (oh no, think of the children!), and are just deemed too inappropriate for people in general.

Vancouver’s Spike & Mike’s begins tonight, but you can check out the venues and see where the festival is featured in city near you. Moreover, the festival is actively seeking submissions, so if you ever had the urge to explore the darker side of animation, this just may be the place to showcase your, um, art.