Marvel Studios Are “Financially Cautious” or Just Cheapskates?

by Irma Arkus

Hulk was good. Check!
Iron Man was great. Check!
But what about this $250,000 offer to Rourke???

According to NYMag, while Mickey Rourke is celebrated for his career ‘resurrection,’ his new offers are actually not that great. Or maybe it is just Marvel.

Apparently, Marvel Studios are “cautious,” although noone is sure why such cautiousness produces low offers to actors, and lack of contract renewal: Terrence Howard presumably wasn’t appearing in Iron Man 2 not because he didn’t want to, but because he was deemed too expensive.
Don Cheadle gladly took his place though. And Samuel Jackson initially refused to appear as Nick Fury, because the money was simply too low.

Now however, Mickey Rourke was invited to join the Iron Man 2 as a villain, but offered a meager $250,000, which doesn’t sound exactly like one of those paycheques that “real celebrities” are known for (Rourke would be Ivan or Whiplash.)

So, maybe it’s Rourke, and maybe, just maybe, it’s Marvel Studios. [NYMag]